ASSIGNMENTS & transfers


BEST Rechtsanwälte has a long standing and in-depth experience in the handling of the recordal of trademark assignments of worldwide trademark portfolios from one owner to another, as well as in the handling of changes of name and entity. During the many years of their trademark practice in industry and in private law firms the attorneys and trademark specialists at BEST have built up a successful and reliable relationship with the finest Intellectual Property law firms all over the world.

Based on its background, BEST can offer its clients a smooth and cost-effective transfer of trademark portfolios worldwide. The firm has negotiated special fees with its associates all over the world. Due to the acquired know-how in such matters BEST is also able to offer very low handling fees itself. The fees of BEST and of its associates depend on the volume of the portfolio to be transferred. Substantial savings are possible if there is a large number of trademark applications and registrations to be transferred at the same time.

The amount of work and, consequently, also the fees involved further depend on the type and the number of changes (several name changes or assignments?) that have to be recorded. Depending on the amount of work involved BEST generally offers a flat fee for its services up to the recordal of all changes to be recorded.

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