The attorneys at BEST Rechtsanwälte have extensive experience in handling clearance searches for potential trademarks and company names as well as for designs.

Basic trademark searches can take the form of national searches involving national registers and – in most cases – International Registrations and Community Trademarks.

In order to minimize the risks involved in the adoption of a new brand, company name or of a new design, a search strategy is decided upon with the client prior to the actual search being carried out. These strategies can mean the inclusion of additional information such as e.g. domain names, company names, pharmaceuticals-in-use, non-proprietary names, device marks, copyrights and other information relevant to the client.
Searches can be conducted on a comprehensive similarity level or, as the case may be, on a narrower scope.

If more than one country is involved or a global roll out is planned, we would also decide together with our client in which countries the searches are to be carried out and in which order. The extensive experience of the attorneys at BEST makes it possible to streamline the searches so that if there is sufficient time, the names can be cleared in several phases to rule out potentially unavailable (trademark/name) candidates at an early stage, meaning substantial savings for the client without any additional risks.

BEST offers this service for numerous countries and analyses the results either directly or in cooperation with other highly specialized firms in third countries. Where the searches cover several countries, BEST offers overall and summary opinions for its clients, notwithstanding whether legal opinions from other law firms are involved or not.

Due to the substantial experience and well established procedures, BEST can offer these services at competitive rates and within short time frames.

Regardless of the strategy and type of search chosen, BEST will provide the client with a detailed analysis of the earlier rights discovered in the context of the searches.

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