BEST Rechtsanwälte also has a strong background and experience in providing advice to our clients in unfair competition matters and all legal aspects concerning advertising materials. Acts of unfair competition can seriously harm our client’s rights in their ongoing businesses. Both German and European laws contain various provisions for the protection and defense of fair business practices. We help our clients to act in conformity with such rules and protect and defend them against unfair acts or non-justified allegations by third parties.

Advertising law constitutes a very important part within the rules of fair business practices. Regardless of whether product communications are distributed via the internet, in hard copy, radio, TV or other means, we offer our clients prior clearance of their advertising materials. We provide these services for fast moving consumer goods and services as well as for goods and services offered on a B2B basis. Due to the backgrounds of its attorneys, BEST also has very extensive experience in the clearance of health care related advertising, in particular advertising for pharmaceuticals and medicinal products, but also in the field of health claims.

In many cases there is an overlap between the said provisons that rule fair business practices and provisions that grant protection to IP rights. We help our clients to find the right strategy to act, on the one hand, in conformity with the conflicting rules and to protect themselves on the other hand, against IP infringements and acts of unfair competition (see also under ENFORCEMENT & LITIGATION).

In order to empower our clients to make strategic and business choices in these fields, we also offer in-house seminars for the responsible employees on these subjects.

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