We have been trusted partners in worldwide trademark searches for years.

Besides the handling of individual trademark and design searches, BEST Rechtsanwälte has extensive experience in the management of large worldwide trademark search projects and the assessment of the availability of trademarks and trade names on a worldwide basis. We have successfully handled thousands of searches for our clients worldwide and have helped them to find the best available candidates in their naming projects for new products and new corporate names, often after divestments or mergers and including corporate names of large multinational companies,

In these search projects we provide unique worldwide overall opinions on the search results, based on our extensive experience in this field. Depending on the project and the client’s specific needs and requirements we cooperate with the most renowned service providers in this field who deliver the relevant data to us and with law firms worldwide in the jurisdictions where the client is seeking individual local opinions.


Handling our clients’ worldwide renewal projects is one of our core competencies. With its trusted network of highly specialized law firms and agents throughout the world the firm is able to process its clients’ trademark renewals in a very effective and also cost sensitive way.


BEST Rechtsanwälte has a long standing and in-depth experience in handling the recordal of the assignment and transfer of individual trademarks and of worldwide trademark portfolios following mergers and acquisitions, divestments etc. 

The same applies to the management of the recordal of name changes with respect to its clients’ trademark registrations throughout the world. 

These projects are handled with the Patent and Trademark Offices where we can act directly and in close cooperation with the firms’ worldwide network of trusted and renowned law firms and agents. 

Our specific focus lies in the handling of such projects in an effective and cost sensitive way that only involves the client’s own resources in the most minimal way while respecting the client’s need to be cost sensible.


We counsel and assist our clients in drafting and negotiating license agreements for their intellectual property rights in order to secure the best possible economic use of the clients’ IP rights.

In case of conflicts or potential conflicts we help our clients in negotiating coexistence and delimitation agreements in order to secure their rights in their best possible interest to achieve legally satisfactory and business-oriented results and avoid lengthy and costly opposition procedures or even litigation before courts.


Having correct data is essential for the proper management and maintenance of a trademark portfolio. Through its worldwide agent network and other data sources BEST Rechtsanwälte assists its clients in verifying the correct data of their trademarks and domains worldwide to make sure these rights can be maintained in the best possible way and without the risk of getting lost.