• INTA Meeting 2024

    INTA Meeting 2024

    This year the INTA meeting was from May 18, 2024 – May 22, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA also called the Peach state and the birthplace of the most well-known trade secrets ever – Coca Cola.We were deeply impressed by the speech of the keynote speaker Dr. Bernice A. King, daughter of Martin Luther King…

  • AEA Kongress

    AEA Kongress

    Last week our attorney Simon Knoll had the pleasure to represent BEST Rechtsanwälte at the 18th International Congress of the Association for European Attorneys (AES) in Budapest for the first time. He was not only given the opportunity to return to the beautiful city of Budapest in which he spent six months as a law…

  • Diversity Conference

    Diversity Conference

    At this year’s DIVERSITY Conference, a pivotal event for diversity in the workplace, our law firm was represented by Brigitta Best from the management team. The conference took place from November 6 to 8 in Berlin and also in a digital format, focusing on future challenges and opportunities in diversity management. Under the theme “Mission…

  • Dr. Michael Best and Team celebrate on the Côte d’Azur

    Dr. Michael Best and Team celebrate on the Côte d’Azur

    25 Years in Private Practice: Dr. Michael Best and Team celebrate on the Côte d’AzurDr. Michael Best marks a quarter-century as an independent attorney in the realm of trademark law and intellectual property. To commemorate this significant milestone, the entire team journeyed to the picturesque Côte d’Azur. Antibes: Drawing inspiration at the intersection of art…

  • TMAP Meeting 2023

    TMAP Meeting 2023

    Our colleagues Vanessa Stefano and Simon Knoll participated in the Trademark Administrators & Practitioners (TMAP) Meeting 2023 in Denver, Colorado, USA, for the first time and returned with many positive impressions. TMAP is an INTA event for trademark administrators, paralegals, and attorneys who manage global brand portfolios. Thanks to high-caliber speakers, including paralegals, attorneys, and…

  • PTMG Conference

    PTMG Conference

    What a great pleasure it was for us to participate in the PTMG Conference held in Athens once more this year. The PHARMACEUTICAL TRADE MARKS GROUP (PTMG) organizes two significant conferences annually on pharmaceutical trademarks and related topics. This year’s main conference took place against the impressive backdrop of Athens and offered extensive insights and…

  • Music Project

    Music Project

    At BEST IP, we’re committed to making a difference beyond the legal landscape. Our ongoing support for “Voice, Art & Social,” an NGO fusing artistic expression with social impact, is one way we do this. Although we’re consistent backers of their work, their latest project especially caught our eye. The initiative is a compelling collaboration…

  • Children in Traffic: Our support to Safety Education

    Children in Traffic: Our support to Safety Education

    In an alarming statistic, it was found that 37% of children aged 6 to 9 were involved in car accidents, 29% were cyclists, and more than a quarter (28%) were pedestrians. For those aged 10 to 14, cycling was the most common scenario for accidents, with 53% getting involved this way, 22% in cars, and…

  • Supporting Luxembourg Pride

    Supporting Luxembourg Pride

    This year, we had the privilege of supporting Luxembourg Pride in multiple ways. As advisors in the field of brand protection, we contributed to safeguarding and strengthening the rights of the event. But our involvement went far beyond our professional duties. As volunteers, we sold delicious Thai food at the bustling street festival’s Foodvillage for…

  • Luxembourg Pride

    Luxembourg Pride

    Community is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re incredibly proud of our latest pro bono endeavor. We didn’t just offer advice to Luxembourg Pride – we went a step further. We’ve officially registered Luxembourg Pride as a trademark, fortifying its unique identity and protecting its mission. Now, starting from June 29, we…

  • Team building

    Team building

    So much fun- being creative as a team. In IP…..BEST be creative!

  • WIPO Seminar

    WIPO Seminar

    Let’s go! So excited to be at the epicenter of innovation in Silicon Valley at the USPTO in San José today for the WIPO in-person Seminar on the Practical Aspects of the Madrid System for Advanced Users.

  • WIPO Seminar

    WIPO Seminar

    Having used the WIPO Madrid System since 1992 Michael Best is really excited about participating at the WIPO in-person Seminar on the Practical Aspects of the Madrid System for Advanced Users in San Jose, California on June 21 and 22, 2023 held at the USPTO‘s Silicon Valley Regional Office. Photo: USPTO’s Silicon Valley Regional Office…

  • Brandaction


    What a pleasure it was to support Brandaction in participating at the Singapore Fundraising Event and participating in the Brandaction Color challenge. At the INTA Foundation we successfully bid on one of the many wonderful donated items and are the proud owner of this beautiful set now.

  • INTA General Meeting

    INTA General Meeting

    We’re delighted to share our successful participation in the INTA’s 2023 Annual Meeting Live+. This global forum drew the most impactful professionals in brand management from around the world. Our team utilized this opportunity to strengthen international relationships, enhancing our global perspective on trademark law. Through insightful discussions and collaborations, we deepened our international ties,…

  • International Volunteer Day

    International Volunteer Day

    Today is International Volunteer Day, a day which is close to our heart. We celebrate the many individuals and associations who bring goodness to our society. Being involved in volunteering ourselves we are always so impressed to see how many people volunteer every day and help holding our society together.

  • World Children’s Day

    World Children’s Day

    Today is „World Children’s Day“ which was first established in 1954 as Universal Children’s Day and is celebrated on 20 November each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare. Together with Wildlife Act and Voice, Art & Social BEST Rechtsanwälte has initiated the Mobile Library Bus Project for 11…

  • NFTs and Metaverse

    NFTs and Metaverse

    The rapid development of information technology constantly poses new challenges for the protection of Intellectual Property rights. After the blockchain and crypto assets, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs” for short) and the Metaverse are moving further into the focus of the business world and, thus, become increasingly subject to legal discourse. In trademark law, there are primarily…

  • Tax regulations

    Tax regulations

    It is important to us to inform you across legal fields when it might be relevant for you. The topic of this information is the taxation of your profits from the licensing or transfer of rights entered in a German register (e.g., registered trademarks and designs, patents, utility models; hereinafter “domestic register rights”). Below you…

  • World Gorilla Day 2022

    World Gorilla Day 2022

    Today is World Gorilla Day! It’s an opportunity to celebrate Gorillas and create awareness about the importance of conserving these species that we all love. Let’s all be Gorilla champions.

  • Team summer dinner

    Team summer dinner

    BestIP is not only a strong and reliable partner at your side. Behind every service from consulting to the enforcement of your trademark rights, behind every e-mail, every friendly call stands our outstanding team! Day-to-day transparent communication, promotion and training of employees, the involvement of employees in decision-making processes as well as a harmonious working…

  • We Dial 112

    We Dial 112

    After months of work and time investment, we are finally happy to share with you the result of our last social project, the “We Dial 112” song, which will hopefully help many children in an emergency situation to do the right thing. The story of this song began with a call from KIM Verlag in…

  • #Day3&4 – INTA Annual Meeting

    #Day3&4 – INTA Annual Meeting

    The last few days were again characterized by client meetings, visits to the exhibition hall with the search for the latest trends, a table topic for the clearance of pharmaceutical brands and finally the closing ceremony and the anticipation for INTA 2023 in Singapore.

  • #Day2 – INTA Annual Meeting

    #Day2 – INTA Annual Meeting

    Great day at INTA: Patriciated in Table Topic discussion on Brand Protection in the Metaverse and in an APRAM breakfast reception on the top floot of the Hotel Washington Update It’s another busy day with attending a meeting of the INTA Public Information Committee as Chair of the SME Focus Group Subcommittee and a very…

  • #Day1 – INTA Annual Meeting

    #Day1 – INTA Annual Meeting

    First time since 2019 live again! We are excited to be together again with colleagues, clients and friends.

  • INTA Annual Meeting

    INTA Annual Meeting

    Dr. Michael Best is attending the 2022 annual INTA meeting in Washington, D.C. from the 30th of April to the 4th of May 2022 and is very much looking forward to meet face-to-face again with colleagues and clients to discuss IP matters. Follow our INTA diary for exciting insights.

  • 112


    At BEST Attorneys at Law, we believe that curiosity and imagination are the mother of creativity and innovation. As an intellectual property law firm that helps its clients protect their creative ideas, we are delighted to have launched the “112-Song” project. With this, we want to encourage the students of the Hostatoschule here at our…

  • Best Team : Sabine Seim

    Best Team : Sabine Seim

    How long have you been working at BEST Rechtsanwälte? I have been working at BEST Rechtsanwälte for over 20 years. What are your daily tasks? As an employee in the accounting department of BEST IP, I am responsible for auditing, account assignment and booking of all income and expenses. What makes the work at BEST…

  • Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays

    The BEST IP team wishes you, your family and friends happy holidays.

  • First aid for children – learning to help by playing

    First aid for children – learning to help by playing

    We are happy to be part of this initiative! What do I do in case of burns, a tick bite or poisoning? And above all: How can I help others in an emergency? The “Förderverein der Luftrettungsstation Christoph 2 in Frankfurt am Main e.V.” and the KIM publishing group have set themselves the goal of…

  • Best Team : Simon Knoll

    Best Team : Simon Knoll

    How long have you been working at BEST Rechtsanwälte? Since June 2021. I started my professional life at BEST IP. What are your daily tasks? As a young lawyer, I work almost exclusively in a support capacity. The areas of activity range from trade mark monitoring and research to advising clients in almost all areas…

  • Best Team: Vanessa Stefano

    Best Team: Vanessa Stefano

    How long have you been working at BEST Rechtsanwälte? Since mid-February 2018. What are your daily tasks? The support of clients and their brands/designs is the focus of my daily work. My main job is to communicate with clients, law firms and trademark offices. I make sure that the data of the various trade marks,…

  • World Gorilla Day

    World Gorilla Day

    Living social commitment: Best Rechtsanwälte is proud to support a charity concert to support CTPH, a leading conservation NGO, who work to protect Gorillas in Uganda. The concert will take place on Saturday the 25th of September at 6 pm at Biodiversum in Remerchen / Luxembourg. The event, which has been planned and organized by…

  • EU funding program for SMEs to protect intellectual property

    EU funding program for SMEs to protect intellectual property

    The Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund, a special support program, is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe access their intellectual property rights. The program, offered by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) with the support of the EU Commission, is aimed at companies that want to develop their intellectual…

  • George Philippart

    George Philippart

    “Artists from around the world contribute to the richness and diversity of culture, and we all benefit from their stories, music, films and talent.  To keep it that way, our artists need to acquire the knowledge of how to effectively manage their intellectual property rights” these words of Daren Tang, Director General of WIPO are…

  • Diversity Charter

    Diversity Charter

    By signing the Diversity Charter, an initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel , we are not only visibly setting an example for an appreciative and prejudice-free working environment but are also taking another important step towards actively living social commitment in our law firm. By…

  • Simon KNOLL

    Simon KNOLL

    We are pleased to announce the successful completion of Simon Knoll’s contribution to the forthcoming publication of Beck’s “Formularbuch Sportrecht”, a practice book containing forms for practitioners in the field of sports rights, edited by Prof. Dr. Martin Schimke, Of Counsel at Bird & Bird Düsseldorf and Judge at the Court of Arbitration for Sports…

  • APRAM conference

    APRAM conference

    Michael Best will speak on July 2, 2021 in Paris at the APRAM (Association des Practiciens dur Droit des Marques et des Modèles – https://apram.com/) conference on « Parasitisme et concurrence déloyale, succédanés de la PI en droit comparé : Une réalité ? – Une avancée pour les titulaires de droits ? »(“Parasitism and unfair competition, IP…

  • May we present? Simon Knoll.

    May we present? Simon Knoll.

    Simon Knoll studied law at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and at the University of Szeged, Hungary. During his time in Hungary in 2015, he first came into contact with the field of intellectual property (IP) in the context of a seminar work in digital copyright law.After completing his first state…

  • World Environment Day

    World Environment Day

    Today is World Environment Day! Environmental protection is an important  issue for BestIP! Not only is it reflected in our corporate philosophy and our daily actions such as “think before you print”, but also in our voluntary commitment and financial support of international animal and environmental protection organisations such as WildlifeAct! Make a contribution to protecting our…

  • INTA’s EU Designs Reform Task Force

    INTA’s EU Designs Reform Task Force

    Michael Best is an active member of INTA’s EU Designs Reform Task Force. In the past few weeks the Task Force has worked on INTA’s response to the EU’s public consultation on the revision of the EU legislation on design protection in the context of the ongoing review of the Community Design Regulation and the…

  • #InternationalBiodiversityDay


    On 22 May 2021 was the International Day of Biodiversity, an important reminder to all of us that biodiversity is crucial not only for animals and plants but for us humans as well, as we form part of nature and our lives and our prosperity are largely dependent on biodiversity. BestIP continuously supports Wildlife ACT…

  • WhatsApp Business

    WhatsApp Business

    With 2 million monthly users and 100 billion messages sent per day, WhatsApp is one of the largest messenger services worldwide. The goals of our new corporate identity include communication, in addition to our professional mission statement and our social commitment. In a world that is spinning faster and faster, it is of utmost importance…

  • Vulture Voices in Concert…

    Vulture Voices in Concert…

    BEST IP has supported the online charity concert “Vulture Voices in Concert” in favour of Wildlife ACT. The concert was organised by the non-profit association “Voice, Art & Social”, which supports young artists and social projects. 12 artists (eight of them former contestants of “The Voice of Germany”) contributed with their talent to this unforgettable…

  • Virtual INTA Leadership Meeting

    Virtual INTA Leadership Meeting

    Michael Best will be present at the Virtual INTA Leadership Meeting May 3-7 . He will also attend the Public Information Committee ,meeting. Please contact Michael Best via email – michael.best@best-ip.eu – or via „INTA Connect“ – https://matchmaking.grip.events/intaleadershipmeeting/event-login – if you would like to meet him there.

  • World IP Day

    World IP Day

    Celebrating World IP Day: SME’s, the unsung heroes of our world economy 99{1c502c4e1e1b7ff5687e142ea847928a3a0330004eb49fa220ca63e79f6a7746} of all firms in Germany are SMEs who account for more than 50{1c502c4e1e1b7ff5687e142ea847928a3a0330004eb49fa220ca63e79f6a7746} of Germanys economic output and almost 60{1c502c4e1e1b7ff5687e142ea847928a3a0330004eb49fa220ca63e79f6a7746} of all jobs.  Worldwide SMEs are the backbone of our world economy, they make up 90{1c502c4e1e1b7ff5687e142ea847928a3a0330004eb49fa220ca63e79f6a7746} of all companies in the world, employ…

  • “Design is also what you don’t see.”

    “Design is also what you don’t see.”

    “Design is also what you don’t see.” This sentence by Walter De Silva was the common thread that guided us through the creation of our new corporate identity. The goal was to dare something new and to preserve the tried and tested. With its new corporate identity, BestIP positions itself not only professionally but also…

  • May we present? Brigitta Best.

    May we present? Brigitta Best.

    Brigitta Best joins our team in mid-April 2021. She has not only 30 years of experience in the IP services industry but also an extensive experience in management and corporate governance.  Brigitta Best has built companies, branches and subsidiaries for various law firms and companies in Luxembourg, Switzerland, the USA, Brazil, Australia, Jordan and France. …

  • Vulture Voices in Concert

    Vulture Voices in Concert

    In the beginning of 2020 Brigitta and Michael Best participated in Wildlife ACT’s volunteer project in the Seychelles for four weeks, focusing on endangered species monitoring, marine conservation and ecosystem restoration and since then regularly support Wildlife ACT’s projects. The non-profit association “Voice, Art & Social”, which supports young artists and social projects, is organising…