Vulture Voices in Concert

In the beginning of 2020 Brigitta and Michael Best participated in Wildlife ACT’s volunteer project in the Seychelles for four weeks, focusing on endangered species monitoring, marine conservation and ecosystem restoration and since then regularly support Wildlife ACT’s projects.

The non-profit association “Voice, Art & Social”, which supports young artists and social projects, is organising an online charity concert in support of Wildlife ACT. The proceeds will go to projects for the protection of vultures in South Africa (Zululand). Vultures play a very important role in the ecosystem, but are critically endangered as their numbers have already declined by over 90{1c502c4e1e1b7ff5687e142ea847928a3a0330004eb49fa220ca63e79f6a7746} due to human activity.

BestIP is supporting this project in which 12 artists (eight of them former participants of “The Voice of Germany”) perform.

The concert will be livestreamed on 22 April 2021 (Global Earth Day) at 19.00 on the Facebook page of Voice, Art & Social.

Click here for the trailer: Teaser – Vulture Voices in Concert Online – YouTube