With our many years of hands-on experience on all continents and deep 360 degree market/industry knowledge we offer tailor-made personalized strategy and development advice for small, medium and large sized businesses based on the client’s strategic needs, timeline and budget. We are here to help our clients succeed in their market space.

Whether our clients are in need to redesign their IP processes internally or externally, newly innovate their software use, need to develop global sales and marketing strategies, improve their service quality with innovation and new vision, need help with team leading, mentoring and staff empowerment, want to expand the business into new markets, struggle with achieving their IP expansion goals while having a reduced budget and reduced staff, need support as a start-up or during a merger and acquisition, need the help of a successful negotiation expert, or need someone with a long standing experience in vendor partnerships, we are here to assist you with strategic business and budget advice.