“Design is also what you don’t see.”

“Design is also what you don’t see.” This sentence by Walter De Silva was the common thread that guided us through the creation of our new corporate identity. The goal was to dare something new and to preserve the tried and tested.

With its new corporate identity, BestIP positions itself not only professionally but also on other levels, be it through social commitment, as a socially responsible employer for whom the well-being of the employees plays a central role and diversity has top priority, or through our efforts in the area of environmental protection and sustainability.

It is important to us to share with our clients and friends our work and our commitment to society and nature. In addition to a new website with news published regularly, BestIP will be increasingly present on social media.

Certainly you have noticed our new visual identity. The new modern design stands for change and renewal, but also symbolises reliability and consistency through its timeless elegance.