World IP Day

Celebrating World IP Day:

SME’s, the unsung heroes of our world economy

99{1c502c4e1e1b7ff5687e142ea847928a3a0330004eb49fa220ca63e79f6a7746} of all firms in Germany are SMEs who account for more than 50{1c502c4e1e1b7ff5687e142ea847928a3a0330004eb49fa220ca63e79f6a7746} of Germanys economic output and almost 60{1c502c4e1e1b7ff5687e142ea847928a3a0330004eb49fa220ca63e79f6a7746} of all jobs. 

Worldwide SMEs are the backbone of our world economy, they make up 90{1c502c4e1e1b7ff5687e142ea847928a3a0330004eb49fa220ca63e79f6a7746} of all companies in the world, employ 70{1c502c4e1e1b7ff5687e142ea847928a3a0330004eb49fa220ca63e79f6a7746} of workers globally and make up half of the world’s economy. 

But there is a lack of knowledge about how IP can help translate ideas into products and services, and how IP can be a powerful tool for SMEs to compete and grow and be successful.

SMEs in Europe that own IP rights like trademarks, designs and patents have close to 70{1c502c4e1e1b7ff5687e142ea847928a3a0330004eb49fa220ca63e79f6a7746} more revenue per employee than those that haven’t yet used IP. But only 9{1c502c4e1e1b7ff5687e142ea847928a3a0330004eb49fa220ca63e79f6a7746} of SMEs in Europe have actually registered their IP rights. 

This needs to change and we at Best Rechtsanwälte, an SME ourselves, having more than 20 years of experience in IP, are excited to help you “taking your ideas to market”, which is this years theme of the World Intellectual Property Day. 

We are here at your side to help with the process of your IP registration, protecting your ideas and help you commercialize them successfully by providing our time- and cost efficient advice that allows you to be better at IP management and strategy. We also help you build IP skills and capabilities to grow your business.

You as an SME are the bedrock of our world economy and we are here to help you being successful.

Happy World IP Day.

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