Best Team: Vanessa Stefano

How long have you been working at BEST Rechtsanwälte?

Since mid-February 2018.

What are your daily tasks?

The support of clients and their brands/designs is the focus of my daily work. My main job is to communicate with clients, law firms and trademark offices. I make sure that the data of the various trade marks, designs or current cases, such as opposition proceedings, are kept up to date.

What makes the work at BEST Rechtsanwälte special ?

As a Trademark Paralegal, you usually only assist, but at BEST Rechtsanwälte I can use my skills and work on many things independently. As a family-like team, we have a lot of trust in each other, which is reflected in the positive work ethic.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

My daily work is very diverse. There is never a day where I always have to do the same thing. From trademark applications to opposition proceedings or even searches, there are always interesting tasks to do. Every case is unique. It was through my work in the field of trademark law that I first began to think about the origins and background of a trademark.

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