Best Team : Simon Knoll

How long have you been working at BEST Rechtsanwälte?

Since June 2021. I started my professional life at BEST IP.

What are your daily tasks?

As a young lawyer, I work almost exclusively in a support capacity. The areas of activity range from trade mark monitoring and research to advising clients in almost all areas of intellectual property law, in particular, of course, in the field of trade mark and design law as well as unfair competition law.

What makes the work at BEST Rechtsanwälte special ?

On a professional level, working at BEST Rechtsanwälte is particularly attractive because, having graduated only recently, I am offered a long-term perspective. The work is of course demanding, but at the same time a lot of importance is attached to the fact that you get something out of it and do not just rush through tasks. On the other hand, BEST Rechtsanwälte offers the opportunity to work on particularly interesting cases. On a personal level, it should be emphasised that BEST Rechtsanwälte embodies individuality and diversity. For example, one looks in vain here for white shirt policies or comparable dress codes. There is always a sense of mutual respect from all sides.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Of course, I particularly enjoy the daily work for clients in the field of intellectual property. In addition, there is always the opportunity to draw on the enormous wealth of experience of colleagues. This makes the daily work more dynamic and there is always room for a nice anecdote.

Your job in three words?

Good – better – BEST.

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