At BEST Attorneys at Law, we believe that curiosity and imagination are the mother of creativity and innovation. As an intellectual property law firm that helps its clients protect their creative ideas, we are delighted to have launched the “112-Song” project. With this, we want to encourage the students of the Hostatoschule here at our Frankfurt Höchst location to express their curiosity and imagination through singing.

Our project leader is George Phillipart, the singer and chansonnier from Luxembourg, known from “The Voice of Germany”. To our delight, he has agreed to take over the project management and to write the song lyrics. The composer is Claude Zeimes.

The lyrics are based on the colouring book “Erste Hilfe Für Kinder” (First Aid For Children) published by KIM-Verlag in cooperation with the air rescue station Christoph 2 in Frankfurt am Main, which we sponsored for the 105 3rd and 4th grade children of the Hostato School. On 30 and 31 March, 60 children enthusiastically participated in a casting in front of George Phillipart, Mrs Papadopoulou, the headmistress, and Mrs Weickart, the co-director of Hostato School. 21 children were selected to participate in the “112 Song”, which will soon be recorded in a studio under the direction of George Philippart and will be distributed nationwide in the summer. Stay tuned for more news about this great project.