George Philippart

“Artists from around the world contribute to the richness and diversity of culture, and we all benefit from their stories, music, films and talent.  To keep it that way, our artists need to acquire the knowledge of how to effectively manage their intellectual property rights” these words of Daren Tang, Director General of WIPO are entirely in line with BEST IP’s philosophy.

To put words into action, BEST IP actively supports the artist George Philippart, a young transgender vocal artist whose love for music has helped him through all the hard times, kept him alive and motivated him to never give up. His new CD “C’est moi” is a declaration of love for the classic French chansons, which George reinterprets in his very own way with a beautiful voice.  We will be happy to send George’s CD as a gift to the first 10 people who contact us.

More information about the artist on his website

Photo: Raoul Somers

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