Children in Traffic: Our support to Safety Education

In an alarming statistic, it was found that 37% of children aged 6 to 9 were involved in car accidents, 29% were cyclists, and more than a quarter (28%) were pedestrians. For those aged 10 to 14, cycling was the most common scenario for accidents, with 53% getting involved this way, 22% in cars, and 16% on foot.

In view of this concerning situation, BEST IP agreed to support the 4th grade pupils of the Hostato School by funding the purchase of the book “Children Safe in Traffic”. This bicycle education book, developed in collaboration with the Frankfurt Traffic Watch by K&L Publishing, is an important step to improve the safety of our children on the roads.

Last year, we already supported the sensitization and education of children on the topic of safety in our cooperation with the Hostato School, where the song “Wir wählen 112” (We dial 112) was created, a joint initiative with “The Voice of Germany” star George Philippart Wir wählen 112 – Die Hostatokids ft. George Philippart – YouTube. This project aims to raise awareness of the correct use of the emergency call system.