PTMG Conference

What a great pleasure it was for us to participate in the PTMG Conference held in Athens once more this year.

The PHARMACEUTICAL TRADE MARKS GROUP (PTMG) organizes two significant conferences annually on pharmaceutical trademarks and related topics. This year’s main conference took place against the impressive backdrop of Athens and offered extensive insights and discussions over two days.

Brands in the pharmaceutical sector are essential for patients and healthcare professionals. In a market characterized by a multitude of products, they not only serve as marketing tools but also play a crucial role in patient safety by preventing medication-related naming errors.

Founded in 1970, PTMG is a driving force in this field, providing a platform for pharmaceutical brand professionals to exchange ideas and collectively address the ever-growing challenges.

At BEST Law Firm, we are proud to have been an active part of this pharmaceutical community for more than 25 years.